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Commodore OS Vision

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!Update: Vision III is now in development! It will be made from scratch using source code unlike what was planned for the now cancelled Build 3600 version.

Commodore OS Vision II Official Site

Welcome to Commodore OS Vision II. This is a remaster and minimal system of Barry Altman’s COS Vision from 2012. This OS will be based on Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia LiveCD. To learn how to make your own Linux Mint distro and customize it to the core, seek here.

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Commodore OS Vision Desktop

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Warning: Google Drive mirror may not work for all!

The ISO image is finally available but took forever to upload because my internet sucks :P. So anyways here are the mirrors:

Mirror 1: (Google Drive)

Mirror 2: (Dropbox) (Latest Versions uploaded only)

Mirror 3 (full): (The Internet Wayback Machine) Torrent file:

How to extract: Download all files in the COS-Vision-II folder. Then select all of the files you downloaded from the folder and choose to extract here all at once with WinRAR or 7-Zip.

Commodore OS Vision II Logo

Image donated by Sam_Parisot // DremOS Team